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Personal Training with Tanja Baumann

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As a personal trainer, I believe that fitness knowledge should be readily available to everybody.

The benefits of a high level of fitness knowledge among the general public are clear.

More fitness knowledge would:

Your thirst for fitness information is revealed by the many web searches conducted daily for fitness-related information.

Combine my belief in the importance of wide availability of fitness information with your search for fitness knowledge, and the reasons for opening an online fitness article library are explained.

Fitness Articles and Tips Library

Stay up to date with the latest Fitness and Health Academy information and fitness articles:
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Fitness and health information articles currently available in the Academy fitness library catalogue:

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Your Questions AnsweredUniverse Miss Fitness 2012 - Tanja Baumann Competition Medal

You, my visitors, often contact me with requests for fitness and health tips that can help you to lead a healthy lifestyle, in spite of the illness or condition you are suffering from.

When, based on my practical experience or my theoretical knowledge, I can answer such questions, the answers will be posted to the Fitness Tips sub-section of the Academy Library.

Fitness Training Web Links

Interested in other forms of fitness training?

Looking for more information about the role of exercise, training and nutrition in weight loss and obesity programs?

Follow the links below - the titles are self-explanatory - and I believe you'll find what you are searching for!

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