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Tanja Baumann Fitness Feed


RSS means «R» eally «S» imple «S» yndication.

RSS feeds are written in a simple format - web code or language.

Because it's simple, an RSS feed can be syndicated i.e. viewed in a wide variety of media, e.g.: visual (your screen), aural (screen reader) and print (newspapers).

RSS literally «Feeds» the content of the Tanja Baumann Fitness Feed into your news reader or web site.

Every time Tanja releases a new article, it automatically gets released to all Tanja Baumann RSS Fitness Feed Subscribers.

Your news reader or web site automatically checks your subscriptions each time you open them - and the new items(s) will be visible immediately!

What Will the RSS Fitness Feed Do for Me?

How do I Subscribe to the Tanja Baumann Fitness Feed?

  1. Home Users:
    • To subscribe, you will need a News Reader Get a News Reader or other similar device.
    • News Reader installed? Drag this RSS Button Really Simple Syndication - English into your Subscriptions list.
    • Alternatively, you can drag or copy and paste the following web address into your Subscriptions list:
    • Really Simple Subscription, isn't it?
  2. Webmasters:
    • Use the following feed code to display Tanja Baumann fitness content on your site:
      1. Select all the text, then drag or copy and paste onto the web pages(s) where you wish to display Tanja's Fitness Feed;
      2. In case you asked yourself: «Why the NOSCRIPT tag?».
        It enables a display of the feed in HTML for users who don't have - or want - JavaScript.
      3. See the result on the right of this screen - div width="18%".
        View the demonstration page to see the result in
        div width="33.3%" & "50%", float="left" & "right".
      4. NB: Have your own RSS Feed? Want to serve it on other web sites?
        Build Your Own RSS Feed Code Now.
    • Feel free to present the Fitness Feed in the way that best «FITS» your web site page, e.g. table cell or div column with a prescribed width.
    • All we ask is that you:
      1. Leave the document encoding as is, without any alterations.
      2. Check the fitness directory submission rules and guidelines - to be sure that your site fits our allowed categories.
      3. We reserve the right to deny access to web site types that are included in our «Never, ever, link to list».

Tanja Baumann Fitness Feed - English Get the Tanja Baumann Fitness Feed

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