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Cardiovascular (Cardio) Training, Exercise and Workouts 1

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Heart / Cardiovascular
Heart / Cardiovascular (Cardio) Circulation System
(Cardio) Circulation System

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The human body functions through the mind - Yang - and the spirit - Yin.

Physical fitness - "good condition" - is the result of a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.

Mind + body + spirit = unity = a human being = a person.

To recognize, act upon and satisfy our individual human needs is the common goal of all people.

The way to achievement of our individual goals leads from inside ourselves - the mind & spirit - outward to the body.

Physical Condition and Body Fitness - Four Major Factors:

Why Should You Exercise?

Cardiovascular Training, Exercise & Workouts - Why Should You Exercise?
Because cardiovascular training, exercise and workout goals benefit you in the following ways:

How Does our Energy Supply System Work?

Muscles use ATP * Explanation (creatin phosphates)
during training & exercise

* ATP is the prime energy source tapped during the first seconds of all physical activity.

What is the Role of the Energy Supply System in Exercise Routines?

What are the Physical Effects of Endurance Training on the Body?
  1. Heart ::
    • Increased efficiency - larger volume of oxygen-rich blood pumped through the body's circulation system which improves fat burn
      Result = Reduction of fat levels in the body.
  2. Lungs ::
    • Inhalation - increased air intake in the lungs when breathing in
      Result = Reduction in rate of inhalation = Increased energy levels.
    • Exhalation - decreased air volume in the lungs after breathing out
      Result = Increased air intake when breathing in = Increased lung capacity.
  3. Blood Circulation ::
    • Result = Improved blood circulation from the processing organs (heart and lungs) to and from the muscles being exercised.
  4. Body Composition ::
    • Reduction of body fat levels
      Result = Proportion of lean mass to fat mass = More lean mass (muscles, bones) = Improved physical condition.
  5. Muscles ::
    • Result = Fat burn improved - both during and after training and exercise activity.
  6. Bones, Tendons and Ligaments ::
    • Result = Improved function and flexibility = Wider range of motion.
  7. Nervous system ::
    • Result = Increased activity efficiency.
What are the Psychological Effects of Exercise on the Body?

Cardiovascular Training, Exercise and Workouts 2 - Heart Rate and Workouts

Not sure where or how to start getting in better shape?

Start at home with my coaching and guidance -
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