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First press report about this site:


Fitness-Königin Tanja Baumann (29) hat eine nagelneue Webseite:

Ihr Credo: "Fitness muss vor allem eines riesigen Spass machen!"

Blick, André Häfliger, 19/08/03

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Fitness TV Interviews

Tanja's interview on the TeleZüri program TalkTäglich program 28th June, 2012:

First anorexic, then two times world champion aerobic fitness. In 2010 Tanja Baumann was diagnosed with osteoporosis and ADHD. Nevertheless, she dared to make an incredible comeback as an athlete. What the ambitious resident of Zurich has achieved borders on the miraculous. But the single mother of an eight-year-old son has demonstrated that anything is achievable with an iron will. Despite her health problems, she gained ninth place at this year's Universe 2012 Miss Fitness championship.

For her personally, her most important victory!

Video of her interview with Oliver Steffen:
Playing time: 23 minutes and 25 seconds

TeleZüri-Programm TalkTäglich
mit Tanja Baumann: program 28.06.2012

TalkTäglich mit Tanja Baumann - 28.06.2012

35.7 MB, .avi

TeleZüri-Programm TalkTäglich
«Fit ins Neue Jahre»: program Januar 2009

TalkTaeglich mit Tanja Baumann
80.1 MB, .mp4.

Fitness Performance Films

Tanja Interpretation - Kür von Marco Polos Musik
aus dem Film «Secrets»: Scateathon 2002

Fitness Video-Leistung - Scateathon

10.1 MB, .mpg.

Photos: David Schildknecht | Peter Wullschleger

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