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Feeling Fit over 40

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Hamstring stretch
Hamstring stretch

Hip flexor stretch
Hip flexor stretch

Thigh stretch
Thigh stretch

Breathe, Stretch and Relax

out there who are slowly approaching "the change", I have devised a "mini workout" to help you feel fit and strong, while keeping your pelvic floor well supported.

When hormone levels rise and fall and rapid heart beats, mood swings, hot flushes etc. can have a huge impact on your life, it's important to keep centred and strong inside and out.

Here are some tips to improve your muscle tone and feel relaxed and comfortable within yourself:

  1. Practise deep abdominal breathing!
    Before exercise, place your hands on your lower tummy and relax, taking slow breaths and releasing all tension from body and mind.
  2. Before starting an exercise, tighten your pelvic floor muscles!
    Imagine pulling up your insides from the groin and draw in your belly button slightly towards the spine for maximum pelvic floor support.
    Breathe naturally.
  3. Always exhale with effort when training.
    For example: If you are lifting - exhale when lifting, inhale when lowering.
    If you are pushing - inhale when lowering, exhale when pushing.

And for feeling a sense of peace from within, try this "Mudra":
Both middle fingers placed together, hands folded and breathe.
Keep the hold for 3 - 4 minutes and you should feel calm and relaxed!

So girls, to keep feeling fit over 40, just keep training and take things slowly if your body is tired.
Rest will restore your natural "Qi" - life energy - that runs through your body.

Stretch and Relax

Stretching reduces muscle tension and keeps joints supple.

Apart from an increased flexibility, taking time to stretch out will allow your Body Qi (energy that supplies your body and keeps you healthy) to flow freely and prevent blockages.

Always take time to stretch after exercise or do it as a separate routine as a part of your day.

Whether it's 10 minutes to prepare yourself for a hectic day or to cool down and feel calm in the evening, every time you focus on slow breathing and relaxing your body will reduce stress levels and enhance a peaceful mind.

Yoga sit
Yoga sit

Quad stretch
Quad stretch

Thanks to photographer Alex Wagner

Take care,
love, Tanja

The Paul Seewer Photo Shoot

Thanks to Paul, who I worked with over 20 years ago! Time flies!

Bikini pose 1
Bikini pose 2 Bikini pose 3 Bikini pose 4

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Concept, Text & Exercise Program: © Tanja Baumann | First published 16 July 2015 | Photos: Alex Wagner, Paul Seewer

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