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Tanja Baumann

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About Tanja Baumann - Personal Facts

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Tanja Baumann - portrait

Tanja Baumann with her son Jason comparing their Bicep Muscles


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When did I Start?

Lacy from the USA asked:

I found you on the internet do you have a book out?
I was interested in your workout schedule, do you do yoga or ballet you seem very limber?
I am in the USA.

Thank you,

My answer was:

Dear Lacy,

Thank you so much for your e-mail.

I'm featured in many different books about fitness, health & nutrition but haven't written my own book (yet!).

Yes, I started with classical ballet at the age of 3, then changed to jazz ballet & after that to aerobics and weight training.

Lots of daily stretching was part of my competition training.

I now work as a personal trainer & like to help improve the fitness skills of many different types of people.

If you are interested, please let me know!

All the best and stay fit Lacy,

Professional Facts

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