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Muscle Strength versus Winter Fat -
Fitness Equipment Test

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Muscle Strength versus
Winter Fat -
Fitness Equipment Test

Does regular exercise of the muscles - which results in optimum muscle strength - with home gym machines lead to a (permanent) reduction of winter fat levels?

In the ring - it's muscle strength versus winter fat in the fitness equipment test!

Don't you ask yourself when you see the TV advertisements for home fitness gym equipment whether they really are able to:

Glükspost did, and decided to check whether the advertised exercise machines were fit for purpose, they asked personal trainer Tanja Baumann to test the fat reduction effectiveness of five different fitness devices.

Why ask Tanja Baumann to Conduct the Test?

A resident of Wädenswil, near Zürich, Tanja is a two-time winner of the «World Champion Aerobic Fitness» title, including the millennium title «Miss Millennium Aerobic Fitness».

Today, the 27-year old personal trainer and fitness instructor works as a free lance fitness consultant, lectures on nutrition and health and conducts, among other things, fitness workouts and aerobic courses.

Tanja has more practical knowledge than anyone else about how to retain a slim figure, free of the fat rolls caused by the sumptuous meals which are part of the Christmas season.

The power-lady tested five fitness and exercise machines for Glükspost Magazine at the «Athleticum Gym» in Dietikon.

All the exercise equipment items tested are regularly advertised on TV and all of these training machines claim unbelievable fat-reduction and prevention benefits for buyers who use them.

Facts About Muscle and Fat

It's an interesting, though not widely-known, fact that a healthy muscle structure is the biggest enemy of rolls of fatty tissue.

Tanja Baumann: «Many people just don't know that a muscle uses energy even when it's in a state of rest - as do all muscles.»

But the personal trainer strongly believes in the importance of combining two types of training:

«If you really want to reduce body fat levels or keep your waist trim and slim, the right answer is to combine strength training with endurance training.»

Naturally, the nutrition consultant considers a balanced meal plan to be an important part of any exercise and training program.

However, Tanja qualified: «This does not mean that it's always bad for you to have an occasional party with lots of food or sometimes sin against the meal plan rules.»

«Regular sport and physical exercise make it okay for you to grab some potato chips or protein-rich foods on occasion.»

Test Summary and Recommendations

In Tanja's judgment, the five fitness devices tested scored reasonably well.

However, it is very important that you use the your equipment regularly and correctly, especially with regard to your body posture when exercising.

The trainer recommends:

Test Results
  1. Fitness Equipment Test: TreadmillFitness Equipment Test:

    ca. Fr. 3790,-,
    «This treadmill has a wide range of training capabilities
    and the speed and radius are adjustable.
    Because you exercise your whole body,
    the slimness and weight reduction benefits are self-evident.»

    Score: Good!
  2. Fitness Equipment Test: Core BoardFitness Equipment Test:
    «Core Board»

    Fr. 570,-.
    «For endurance and equilibrium exercises, the core board is only suitable for users with an advanced level of fitness who need an alternative for their usual aerobic exercise routine.
    It is not effective for body fat reduction and, if used incorrectly, can cause serious injury to the ligaments (ACL and PCL - anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament) in the knee.»

    Score: Good - but use with caution!
  3. Fitness Equipment: Home GymFitness Equipment:
    «Home Gym»

    ca. Fr. 1690,-.
    «Virtually all muscle groups and individual muscles can be trained by using this home gym apparatus.
    It creates a good base body posture and thereby helps to prevent possible injuries during your training routine.»

    Score: Very good!
  4. Fitness Equipment:
    «Cross Trainer»

    ca. Fr. 1790,-.
    Fitness Equipment: Cross Trainer «The body is fully and completely exercised by the all-purpose cross trainer - and it's safe for the knee joints too.
    The muscles exercised are the same as in cycling, but as it's a standing exercise, you train the arm muscles as well.
    The calorie burn is enormous as your entire body is moving all the time.»

    Score: Very good!
  5. Fitness Equipment: Ab RollerFitness Equipment:
    «Ab Roller»

    Fr. 47,-.
    «The ab roller is ideal for developing the muscles of the stomach.
    But it does not specifically aim to burn fat.
    Correct body posture is a pre-condition of using this device safely - not suitable for beginners.»

    Score: Good - but use with caution!

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Test Program: © Tanja Baumann | First published: © Glükspost N0. 1, 3 January 2002, Journalists: Peter Wäch & Nada Steimen, Photos: Gerry Ebner | Translation & Adaptation: John Aarsen

© Tanja Baumann 1996 - 2021