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Fitness Tip: Don't Drink Alcohol!

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Tanja Baumann Fitness Tip - Don't Drink Alcohol!

Fitness Tips for a
Healthy Lifestyle

Although I personally do not drink alcohol at all, I have nothing against anyone enjoying it in moderation.

During many festive occasions, especially the Christmas and New Year holiday season, you'll often see rivers of alcohol flowing - without any of the party guests being fully aware or conscious of the fact.

After the festivities, usually at the beginning of January, many people make a resolution to improve their health and fitness by leading a more healthy lifestyle.

Therefore my Fitness Tip for any New Year is:

Keep your hands - consciously! - off the aperitif before you eat, cancel the red wine with your main course and avoid the brandy after you've eaten - just enjoy the coffee!

Have the courage, calmly and without making a fuss about it, to do without alcoholic drinks at intoxicated parties and sip a light Cola instead or - what about a glass of milk?

Actually, why not? Do you really need alcohol to enjoy a party?

Don't Touch the Booze!

My Fitness Tip

When, despite all your good intentions, you feel that irresistible tingling in your fingers to enjoy what you like - it's okay!

Enjoy your drinks for their flavour, not for quick intoxication.

I don't always have myself in control too, particularly if there's some chocolate lying nearby.

Tanja Baumann - My Fitness Tip

I can easily put away three trays of chocolate in one session.

So long as this only happens every few months, I don't have a problem with it and I don't suffer from a guilty conscience either.

But, if the grip of sweets, cigarettes or alcohol on you has become excessive - a possible addiction - or you (over)indulge too regularly because it's become a habit:

Stop it Now!

Stop it Now!

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Text: © Tanja Baumann | First published: © Sport Inside Magazine No. 6, December/January 1997 | Photos: Coni Altherr | Translation & Adaptation: John Aarsen

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