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Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises for Inline Skating

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Warm Up & Cool Down Exercises for Inline Skating

Exercise Program for
Inline Skaters

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Tanja Baumann, the reigning world aerobic and fitness champion, has designed a warm up and cool down exercise program for inline skaters on behalf of «Brückenbauer Magazin».

You do not have to stretch as extremely as Tanja Baumann does in order to be fit for skating.

On the right of each exercise the illustration shows you just how simple and safe these exercises are to perform.

Warm Up Exercises

  1. Warm Up Exercise 1 - March in PlaceMarch in Place
    March in place for five to ten minutes before putting on your skating equipment - thus reducing the risk of injury.
    Marching in place warms up your joints and gets your entire body ready for action;
    Heart rate frequency and body temperture are increased to optimum levels.

    Recommended exercise duration:
    5 to 10 minutes.

  2. Warm Up Exercise 2 - Stretch Legs & Hips Stretch Legs and Hips

    To stretch your legs and hips:
    First pull your right and then your left leg upwards against your buttocks and hold it firmly in place.
    Stretching by bending and pulling your legs forwards reduces the risk of injuries and extends your radius of movement.

    Recommended exercise duration:
    10 to 20 seconds.

  3. Warm Up Exercise 3 - Stretch Buttock and Rear Leg Muscles Stretch Buttock and Rear Leg Muscles
    To stretch your buttock and rear leg muscles:
    First stretch your right and then your left leg in front of you.
    Place and support your hands on your - slightly-bent - support leg and bend forward,
    until you feel the stretch.
    This exercise stretches the buttock muscles and the rear leg musculature.

    Recommended exercise duration:
    10 to 20 seconds.

  4. Stretch Chest and Upper BodyWarm Up Exercise 4 - Stretch Chest & Upper Body

    Warm Up Exercise 5 - Weight Alignment Exercises

    To stretch your chest and upper body:
    First bend your right
    and then your left arm,
    and pull lightly to the rear.

    Recommended exercise duration:
    10 to 20 seconds.

  5. Weight Alignment Exercises

    Now put on your complete inline skating outfit.
    Check that your shoes feel comfortable and are well fastened, then start the weight alignment exercises.
    First take small steps only, then larger steps as you progress.
    Finally, increase your speed.
    Do not forget to breathe evenly at the same time.

Cool Down Exercises

Cool down exercises are required after you have completed your skating session.

To perform the cool down exercises, take off your inline skating outfit and repeat exercises 1 to 4.

However, this time you should carry out each exercise for a three times longer duration.

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Concept, Text & Exercise Program: © Tanja Baumann | First published: © Brückenbauer No. 15, 13 April 1999, Journalist: Ruth Marending | Translation & Adaptation: John Aarsen

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