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Fitness Tip: Exercises During Your Pregnancy

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E-mail from Paula, Switzerland, 1 February 2006

Dear Ms. Baumann, I have just visited your web site.

Do you also sell videos with pregnancy gymnastics, so that I can do the exercises at home?

Due to the type of work I do, it is difficult for me at present to regularly take part in an appropriate fitness course for pregnant women.

Thank you for the information.

Best wishes,

Answer: DVD IN SHAPE is Safe and Suitable for all Fitness Levels

Dear Paula,

Thank you for your e-mail.

My DVD «IN SHAPE with Tanja Baumann» is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to the most advanced level.

You can take part in all the «IN SHAPE» exercises - with the exception of the stomach exercises - during your pregnancy.

My Recommendation:

I recommend that you:

Your body is working for two at the moment, so remember:
Less is more, your body and your baby will jointly decide how much exercise is safe and good for you!

To maintain joint stability during your pregnancy, less strenuous movements and moderate strengh exercises (without weights!) are very important.

Regular walks, relaxed swimming sessions and a few knee bends daily will also help to keep you fit.

Dear Paula, I wish you and your baby plenty of fun with my DVD (and the music!) and all my best wishes for your delivery!!

I would be very pleased to see your feedback!

Best wishes,

Tanja + baby Jason

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