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Create Your Own JavaScript RSS Feed

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Tanja Baumann RSS Fitness Feed

Read each action point and decide how you want your feed to appear on your web site.

  1. Follow this link first and Validate Your RSS Feed to make sure it works!
    • Enter the URL of your RSS Feed and check it's validity;
    • The Feed Validator will tell you whether your Feed is coded correctly or not;
    • It'll also tell you what's wrong with your Feed if there are any problems;
  2. When you're finished, use your back button to return to this page.
  3. Back so soon? Validated, did it? Wonderful!
    Next: choose the options you want in your feed:
  4. Add Your Own Style.
  5. Preview Button - Check Feed Content.
  6. Generate JavaScript Button - Get Your Code!

Let's Build Your Code!

Include    = Display channel title and description (default);
  Exclude   = Don't show channel title & description;
  Title Only = Show channel title - no description.

        - Accept Include or choose another option.

How many news items do you want listed?

0                 = Show complete item list (default);
  1 or more = Display the exact number of items you want to publish.

1                 = Show complete item description text (default);
  0                 = No item descriptions;
  2 or more = Number of description characters you want to display;
  -1                = Don't link item title, display item contents only.

NO   = Output is text-only formatted by CSS (default);
  YES = Use your feed HTML - ignores character limit above (if set);
  PAR = No HTML, convert all RETURN/linefeeds to <br> - preserves paragraph breaks.

        - Accept NO or select a different option.

YES = Show publishing date; (default)
  NO   = Don't show publishing date.

    - Accept YES or choose NO.

n        = no  : Links open at the top of page - auto-refresh
  y        = yes: Opens link in a new window
  xxxx = Opens a JavaScript Popup Window - links in a frame named xxxx
                Please don't forget to switch off your pop-up blocker if you choose yes!

- Accept n = code on this page or enter your preferred choice.

If you check the box, UTF-8 character encoding will be used - my advice:
  Try both - big surprise on the Dieresis or German Umlaut when I tested the
  Tanja Baumann RSS Feed Deutsch!

- Accept blank field = don't require UTF-8 or check the box.

Amateur like me? Get 1 feed right first, then play around with this one;
  Create different styles for multiple feeds per page;
  Specify your Class Name as e.g. rss_box_XXXX - enter your own code name, xxx is an example;
  Style sheets must fit the Style Guideline Specifications.

- Accept empty field = rss box as is or enter Container Class Name.

Go to Add Style to Your JavaScript RSS Feed and follow the explanation - it's easy, I promise.

Show My JavaScript Feed Code!

URL address - enter the web address of your RSS Feed


This service is completely free of charge.

As we'll be serving your code at all times, a link back would be appreciated.

Photo: Jürg Gubler

Credits: Magpie RSS Parser | GNU License

© Tanja Baumann 1996 - 2021