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IN SHAPE Workout DVD Buyers Feedback and Comments

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DVD IN SHAPE with Tanja Baumann Buyers Feedback & Comments

Most Recent Review

Nevin, Berlin, Germany - IN SHAPE

Hello Tanja, I received the DVD and I already worked with it. My opinion:

  1. I am very satisfied with the workout program.
  2. The exercises are clearly defined and structured.
  3. The music is nice and it makes a lot of fun.

Thank you very much. Best regards, Nevin

Swiss-German - Schweizer-Deutsch - Feedback and Comments + translation

Schwanger? Glückwünsche!
Lesen Sie meinen Rat auf dem Trainieren mit IN FORM in der Schwangerschaft.

Tom aus Zürich

Dank Deinem IN SHAPE DVD bin ich wirklich wieder «in shape» und dies innert kürzester Zeit.

Deine Übungen sind klar und wirksam und auch für Männer wie mich, mit 2 linken Beinen und Ansatz zum Bierbauch :-) leicht, aber effektiv durchzuführen - absolut empfehlenswert!

Herzlichen Dank für meine geschmolzenen Kilos!

English TranslationDVD IN SHAPE
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Thanks to your IN SHAPE DVD I'm really «in shape» again & achieved this result in a very short time.

Your exercises are clear and very effective, even for men like myself who suffer with 2 left feet and a steadily expanding beer belly - smile - highly recommended!

Many thanks for my melted kilos!

IN SHAPE Workout DVD - Buyers Feedback and Comments

Josi aus dem Argau

Erstens, Einwärmen und Ausdauer:
ist nicht zu schnell aber auch nicht zu langsam, so dass es für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene interessant ist.

Zweitens, die Kraftübungen sind einfach jedoch sehr wirksam.

Drittens, die Entspannung zum Schluss finde ich sehr angenehm.

Ein DVD, das ich gerne benütze, weil alles drin ist was es braucht aber auch super aufgebaut ist!

English Translation

Part 1: the warming up and endurance is neither too fast nor too slow, so that it's suitable for both beginner and advanced levels.

Part 2: the muscle toning exercises are simple to follow but very effective.

Part 3: I really enjoyed the relaxation (stretching and breathing techniques) at the end.

A DVD which I use eagerly, it delivers everything it promises and it's perfectly built up.

Romina aus Einsiedeln

Ich finde das DVD super!

Tanja hat ein Training zusammengestellt das sowohl für Anfänger wie auch für Fortgeschrittene geeignet ist.

Dank diesem DVD kann ich auch zu Hause effizient trainieren.

English Translation

I think the DVD is fantastic!

Tanja has designed a training workout suitable for both beginner and advanced levels.

Thanks to this DVD I can train efficiently at home.

Switzerland: Buyers Feedback and Comments

Isabella, Zürich, Switzerland - IN SHAPE DVD

Ich han Dis In Shape usprobiert!

Es isch super zum mitmache und mer chunt au sehr guet nah wenn mer kei englisch chan!

Du zeigsch au d Schriit und üebige sehr dütlich und guet.

D Musik isch lässig, fätzig und bim Schluss schön entspannänd.

Ich fine das au sehr guet mit däne 3 Teil,so chönt mer au mal eine weglah.

Aber das fangemär gar nöd ah,schliesslich isch ja die ganz kombi würkigvoller,gäll ; -)

Din DVD isch für Afänger,sowie für Fortgschritteni sehr guet geignet!

Wär doch mega no äs In Shape Teil 2! Irgendwänn vilicht...

Liebi Grüessli, Isabella

English Translation

I've been working out with In Shape!

It's really super to join in and you can follow it perfectly even if you don't speak English!

You demonstrate the steps and exercises very clearly and well.

The music is good fun and motivating and the last part is nice and relaxing.

I think it's really good being in three parts so you can leave out a section if you want to.

But I don't want to leave out any parts as, ultimately, the entire combination really works very well ; -)

Your DVD is great for both beginners and advanced levels.

It would be great if there'd be an IN SHAPE Part 2 sometime.

Love, Isabella

English Feedback and Comments

Europe: Buyers Feedback and Comments

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Read my advice on exercising with IN SHAPE during your pregnancy.

Mihaela, La Rioja, Spain - Contact Tanja Form

Hello Tanja, I'm very very pleased with your dvd that I bought 1 year ago.

Now I want to ask you if you have other similar products (dvd) for more exercise because I wish to buy it.

Thank you, Mihaela

Elisabeth, London, UK - Workout DVD

I can't tell you how pleased I am with your workout DVD.

It's been a great help in rebuilding my life after being in a serious car crash a year ago.

As a result of the accident I have been left with an extremely painful whiplash.

I'm in my early 50's and have been an active sports woman for most of my life so my injuries have made it doubly hard for me.

Your workout keeps me motivated and I can rebuild my muscle tone, strength and flexibility within the limits of my injuries.

Your cheerful, positive attitude really helps me to stay optimistic and keep fighting.

Thanks a million, Elisabeth

Judy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - In Shape DVD

Just had to drop you a line to let you know how much I'm enjoying your In Shape DVD.

Having my family spread throughout Europe, I'm constantly travelling to visit them.

I never travel without my DVD as it takes so little space in my bag and I don't need much room for my work out.

I can keep fit and in good condition wherever I am!

Best wishes, Judy

Eefje, St. Oedenrode, The Netherlands - Workout DVD

I've just finished school and was really pleased to get your workout dvd to work out to at home.

My whole family thought it looked such fun, they all joined in too, young and old!

Greetings, Eefje

Maaike, Den Bosch, The Netherlands - Your DVD

Great workout, helps me unwind after a long day's work.

I've lost weight and gained muscle tone and my boyfriend loves my new slim figure!

Thanks, Maaike

Bethan and Megan, London, UK - In Shape Workout

We're sisters living at home and studying without much time or money.

Our Mum bought us your DVD and we love working out to it.

All the best, love Bethan and Megan

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