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Tanja Baumann Fitness Model Photo Gallery 4

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Exercising on a Multi-Trainer
Exercising on a Multi-Trainer - closeup
Zürichsee-Zeitung -
Das Training ist ihr Lebenselixier,
24. November 2012

Photo gallery 4 is a selection of photographs taken in 2012 for media photo-shoots and a performances as a championship guest.

Tanja has worked with many of Switzerland's best photographers and we have arranged her fitness model photo galleries by photographer name. They represent Tanja's personal favourites from each photo session.

If you are:

You will find the pictures you want in the aerobic fitness, aerobics and bodybuilding photo galleries.

The Dani Wolfinger Collection

Taken at the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Championships 27th October 2012: Tanja's guest performance with Claudio Bonandrini in the Paarposing Show.

Paarposing Show: Tanja Baumann / Claudio Bonandrini

Backstage photos

Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Championships 2012 - Backstage 1 Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Championships 2012 - Backstage 2

The Nell Andris Photo-shoot

GlücksPost 22. November 2012 -
Die 10 Geheimnisse von Fitness-Weltmeisterin Tanja Baumann.

Tanja Baumann - dumbbells outdoor Tanja Baumann Portrait 1

Tanja Baumann Portrait 2 Tanja Baumann - barbell

The Kilian Kessler Photo-shoot

SonntagsBlick 24. Juni 2012 -
«Ich Habe die Knochen einer 80-Jährigen».

Tanja Baumann Posing - Straight leg Tanja Baumann Posing - Sideview

Tanja Baumann - Swan Pose Tanja Baumann Competition Medal

Yoga with Jürg Gubler

GlücksPost Gesundheit 19. April 2012 -
Harmonie für jeden Tag mit Yoga.

Yoga Asanas - Haltungen: Zehenbalance Yoga Asanas - Haltungen: Baum

Yoga Asanas - Haltungen: Frontaldehnung Yoga Asanas - Haltungen: Glücklicher Sitz

Photos: Silvia Luckner | Dani Wolfinger | Nell Andris | Kilian Kessler | Jürg Gubler

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