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Tanja Baumann Fitness Model Photo Galleries

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Tanja has worked with many of Switzerland's best photographers. We have arranged Tanja's fitness model photo galleries by photographer name and they represent Tanja's personal favourites.

If you are:

You will find the photo(s) you want in the aerobic fitness, aerobics and bodybuilding photo galleries.

Fitness Model Photo Gallery 1
Photo Gallery 1 = 15 Photos
- the Stephan Ziegler Collection

Fitness Model Photo Gallery 2
Photo Gallery 2 = 12 Photos
- the Bruno Torricelli Collection

Fitness Model Photo Gallery 3
Photo Gallery 3 = 8 Photos
- the Sabine Weeke Collection: 2 photos and the Rolf Edelmann Collection: 6 photos

Fitness Model Photo Gallery 4
Photo Gallery 4 = 8 Photos
taken in 2012 - the Silvia Luckner Photo-shoot: 2 photos, 2 Claudio Bonandrini SNBF backstage Pair Posing photos and the Nell Andris Photo-shoot.

The Purrfect Photo Gallery
Purrfect Photo Gallery = 14 photos
- taken by Jürg Gubler with Tanja posing as a posing as a purrfectly happy catlady.

Photos: Stephan Ziegler | Bruno Torricelli | Rolf Edelmann | Silvia Luckner | Jürg Gubler

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