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Tanja Baumann

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Personal Fitness Trainer Online -
What you Get and What it will Cost You

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Personal Fitness Trainer Online - What you Get and What it will Cost You


When you book me as your personal fitness trainer online you will get:

What will it Cost You per Month?

Registration - what do I need to know about you?

To create the « right » personal fitness program for you, I need to know:

Any more important points?

Yes, you'll be asked to confirm your acceptance of my:

That's it! Simple, clear, no unnecessary questions.

Yes, of course there are « special sign-up offers for registration » too!

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Feel confident? Made up your mind? Go on, register now!


You've just decided to commit yourself to improving your health and fitness

I'll be there to inspire you in all your workouts as we work together to achieve your personal goals.

Let's get fit!

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» « 1 month training € 40.00 per month about $ 50.00 or sFr. 60.00 p. month

» « 3 months training + DVD IN SHAPE FREE! € 38.00 p. month: Total = € 114.00 about $ 142.50 or sFr. 171.00

» « 6 months training + DVD IN SHAPE + TANJA PHOTO FREE! € 36.00 p. month about $ 45,00 or sFr. 54,00 p. month: Total = € 216.00 about $ 270.00 or sFr. 324.00
Less than $ 1.50 per day!

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