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Advice for Personal Fitness Trainer Students

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Tanja Baumann - Advice for Personal Fitness Trainer Students

I often get e-mail from students, with questions about my job as a personal fitness trainer. Here are two examples:

Since then I've received another e-mail with a few additional questions:

Thank you so much for he information on your site! I have been searching for a personal trainer to interview and your info helped me a lot (my husband and I are studying to become trainers now). I was wondering though, we need to know a few more things to complete our interview. I am sorry if this info is on your website and I missed it. We need to know - see list. If you could please email me back the answers to these questions we would really appreciate it! Thank you so much for your time!
« Sudbil and Casey, U.S.A., 23 December 2004 »

Wow, two on the same day, within 4 hours of each other, with exactly the same questions. Clearly the interest in personal fitness trainer accreditation is growing fast. It was a pleasure to reply to both Francine and Ricky. Here are the questions they asked and my answers to them as well as the questions raised by Sudbil and Casey in the list below:

Personal Trainer Answers

Additional Questions and Answers

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