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Tanja Baumann

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Tanja Baumann Aerobic Fitness Workouts

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Tanja Baumann Aerobic Fitness Workouts


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Seestrasse 90
CH-8820 Wädenswil

Join my Fitness Club Bodyfit Workout!

Suitable for adults (all fitness levels), get fit and stay fit!

For detailed information about my aerobic fitness Bodyfit workout, please view:

Powerdance Workout

A cool mix of dance and fitness - great fun!

Suitable for teenagers from 11 to 13 years of age, all levels of fitness.

Full details and price information about my Powerdance dance and fitness workout, please view:

Training Philosophy

I believe in the natural way to health and fitness.

Fitness should be fun and enjoyable - a part of your daily healthy living routine.

There are no short-cuts, special formulas or magic diets to get you - and keep you - fit and healthy.

Healthy food and plain old-fashioned hard work, effort, determination and motivation are what you need.

One more thing - a sense of humour is invaluable!

Let's get fit!

Love, Tanja

Kids Dance Workouts & Fitness Fun for ChildrenFitness and Health Academy

Workout Archives

As I've devoted the last five years to bringing up my son Jason, I no longer teach the following classes:

  1. Fitness Fun for Children;
  2. Cardio Kickbox, Body Toning and Salsa Workouts;
  3. Kids Dance Workouts.
  4. In addition, we've also moved the workouts - low graphics page to the archives as there is no more need for this type of page in the age of the high-speed modem.

Photos: Kurt Schorrer | Jürg Gubler

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