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Fitness Fun for Children Workout

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Sometimes Peewee hides from you kids behind our fitness fun trainer workout photo slide show. I think Peewee tries to catch mice by surprise, but he's never caught one - we think!

Enjoy the children fitness fun workout photo slide show - we sure had a lot of fun in Djerba, Tunisia.

Download the fitness fun for children workout video - click your computer modem video link and enjoy the latest episode of the children fitness fun workout video.

Ask Mum or Dad: "Please e-mail: my fitness fun pet photo".

We will include it in a new photo slide show on your children fitness fun workout site. Peewee will confirm when your fitness fun pet photo will appear.


Want to enjoy fitness workout fun in a Kids Dance Workout with other kids of your age group?

Ask your Mummy or Daddy: "please contact Tanja @ her Fitness and Health Academy in Wädenswil, Switzerland". See you soon - you will have a great time in the kids dance workout.

Do Mum and Dad also want to get fit in a workout @ my Fitness and Health Academy in Wädenswil, Switzerland? Show them Cardio Kickbox, Body Toning and Salsa and they can choose their own workout. Let's all get fit!

Training Philosophy

Let's get fit!

Love, Tanja

Fitness Fun for Children Workout Video

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12 Photos & Video: Judy Aarsen | Video Editing: John Aarsen

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