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Classement Championnat Romand et Coupe Suisse 04/10/03

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Miss Fitness category featured three competitors, all trained by Tanja Baumann.

All three performed very well and are clearly ready for the Miss Fitness Switzerland Championship. How did they place? See for yourself:

Miss Fitness

  1. Roza Polat
  2. Sarah Camerota
  3. Linda Wartenweiler

Well done girls!

Ladies Bodybuilding

  1. Flurina Stahel
  2. Myriam Lobsiger

Championnat Débutants

  1. Jean-Pierre Blardone
  2. Andreas Heger
  3. Mario Specchier

Championnat Romand Hommes

  1. Lorenzo Catenazzi
  2. Jean-Pierre Blardone
  3. Gilbert Progin

Coupe Suisse Hommes Poids léger

  1. Lorenzo Catenazzi
  2. Robert Roos
  3. Jean-Pierre Blardone
  4. Markus Müller

Coupe Suisse Hommes Poids lourd

  1. Andreas Müller
  2. Faustino Mariblanca
  3. Gilbert Progin
  4. Andreas Heger
  5. Mario Specchier

Vinqueur Over al:
Lorenzo Catenazzi

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