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Tanja Baumann

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Miss and Mr. Fitness Championship Organization for Motivated Competitors

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Organizing a Miss - and / or Mr. - Fitness Switzerland Championship is a very demanding job and requires months of hard work.

Right from the start, it is crucial to assemble a championship team consisting of members who have the following qualities, talents and abilities:

My Task

As a member of the organizing team, I specialize in:

I leave the business side of the championship to the other specialists on the team.

Tanja Baumann - Miss Fitness Judge

Want to Try it Yourself?

So you want to try organizing a Miss and Mr. Fitness Championship?

Good luck - and a lot of patience - to you!

Think about:

More information about the athlete training program I use is available at Miss and Mr. Fitness Seminars. The program starts months before the event and takes participating athletes through to Championship Day.

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