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WFF Switzerland Athlete Registration

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Dear fitness competitor,

Please complete the registration details, select the submit button and you'll be registered.

I will contact you with more information and travel details etc. shortly.

All fields marked * must be completed to successfully submit your registration.

Section 2 - Your Contact Details

Section 3 - Your Competition Category

Please enter the name of the federation you are licensed by as a fitness / bodybuilding athlete / competitor in the text-entry box. If you don't have a license, type none and complete the rest of the form.

Please enter the category you wish to compete in.

Please enter the age group you are entering for - if applicable.

Please enter any championship titles you hold from other competitions or your best placing / results - include name and year of competition.

Section 4 - Your Registration Submission


Thank You for Registering with the WFF - Switzerland

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