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Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer Tanja Baumann: Contact / Booking

Fitness Athlete and Competitor Tanja Baumann - Swan Pose

Dear madam / sir,

Tanja Baumann - the Face of Swiss Fitness - has appeared on behalf of many clients to promote their product, service or fitness event.

You are Welcome to Book Tanja to:

For an overview of who Tanja has worked with in Switzerland, please review Client References and Media Partners.

You may Contact me by:

  1. E-mailing your proposal to , or
  2. By using the contact form below.

I'll reply within 3 days and we can take it from there.

Best regards,
John Aarsen

Tanja's webmaster, business advisor and step-father

Address: Stichting IN SHAPE, Kerkstraat 13, 5482 EH Schijndel, The Netherlands

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