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Fitness Baby Jason - Six Months Strong

Regular Exercise & Healthy Food = Fitness, Health & Weight Control!

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A Sunny Day at Last!

Fitness Baby Jason

Tanja would like to share some of her happy moments together with Jason with you, our visitor.

Enjoy the Jason's third photo gallery - we will be adding more photos in the near future, as they become available.

Jason's Photo Gallery 3

This page displays photographs of Jason and Tanja taken between the beginning of April and the last week of June, 2005.

All photographs of Jason removed, January 2012. Here we display the original image description.

Sporty looking lad

Mother and Child in the Park

Mum I want to grab the camera

Mum, I'm bored!

I'm busy, can't you see?

I'm a bit sleepy now

Yippee, we're going out!

Want to see more?

View Jason growing up through the fitness baby and toddler stages:

Photos: Judy Aarsen | Tanja Baumann

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