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Fitness Boy Jason - Photo Shoot Time

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I love cuddling with my Mum

Jason - Fitness Baby & Toddler

Jason is a very observant little lad and he's interested in everything going on around him.

Jason enjoys a photo shoot - as long as it doesn't take too long as there are so many more important things to do than hang around waiting for some photographer to get it right.

Tanja and would like to share some of her most recent photo shoot moments together with Jason with you, our visitor.

Jason's Photo Gallery 12

This page displays photographs of Jason and Tanja taken in July by Paolo Foschini (SonntagsBlick) and in October by Alex Wagner.

All photographs of Jason removed, January 2012. Here we display the original image description.

You smile, Mum, I'm taking this seriously

Big smile for the camera now!

Tanja in training

Tanja fighting to regain her health

Out for coffee and a treat

Fingers taste lovely, don't they?

More photographs on the SonntagsBlick Interview: «Mein schwerer Kampf zurück» page.

Want to see more?

View Jason growing up through the fitness baby and toddler stages:

Photos: Paolo Foschini | Alex Wagner

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