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Fitness Boy Jason - A Happy 2007

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I love playing on my Mum's lap

Jason - Fitness Baby & Toddler

Jason has reached the toddler stage - mimics everyone he meets perfectly and gets into plenty of mischief together with his special friends, Peewee the cat and Bob the Builder.

Tanja would like to share some of her happy moments together with Jason as he grows up with you, our visitor.

Jason's Photo Gallery 11

This page displays photographs of Jason and Tanja taken from February through March, 2007.

All photographs of Jason removed, January 2012. Here we display the original image description.

Wonder what I'm going to do next?

Mum, that tickles!

What a lot of teeth I've grown!

I'm covering my face but I can see you!

Ha ha - that was very funny

I'm innocent! I've done nothing wrong!

My tractor is great fun to play with

Eating a buiscuit is a serious business

My favourite blue teddy bear

More photographs on the Tages-Anzeiger Media Interview: Güterschuppen Oberrieden page.

Want to see more?

View Jason growing up through the fitness baby and toddler stages:

Photos: Judy Aarsen | Tanja Baumann

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